We are Ruby on Rails Developers that Build Website using Ruby on Rails Framework.

We used Namecheap (Domain Name) for buying Client's Business Online Url.

We used Virtual Private Server(VPS) from Digital Ocean (Web Hosting) for all Client's Source Code.

We used Linux (Operating System), Nginx (Web Server), Passenger (App Server), PostgreSQL (Database) in setting up the Client's Online Appearance.

We used Capistrano (Source Code Deployment) for uploading Client's source code to their Hosting Server.

We used Github (Source Code Version Control) for creating the Client's Source Code.

We used Trello (Project Management Tool) for organizing the tasks requirements to build the Client's Website.

We used Heroku (Cloud Application Platform) for uploading client's source code for staging server testing.

We used Paypal (Payment Provider) & Stripe (Payment Provider | Selected Countries) for Client's Website Payment Solutions Online.